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KUE’s relationship with Geonex, a Horizontal Hammer Boring (HHB) equipment manufacturer and solutions supplier based in Finland, brings ground-breaking technology to the North American trenchless industry. KUE’s Equipment Specialist, Paul Wilkinson, is working with Geonex to market their remarkable HHB equipment that works efficiently and reliably in mixed ground and hard rock conditions with steel cased installations extending to 150 meters in length. Geonex’s range also includes equipment for unsupported rock bores reaching to diameter dependent lengths of 1000-ft to 1500-ft. Where practicable, first stage steerable 6-inch pilot holes can be reamed to 48-inches. It doesn’t stop there either as retractable heads bring specialized blind hole applications into play, such as rock contact starter casings for HDD. HHB is ideally suited for underground infrastructure solutions for telecommunications, power cables, water and raw water pipelines along with oil and gas lines.

Geonex's HHB technology was the NASTT Innovative Product Award winner for New Pipe Installation at the 2019 No-Dig show in Chicago. Click here for more information on how Geonex and KUE can help with your next trenchless project.



With more than 30 machines in service for rental, ISEKI offers sales and rentals in the United States for complete MTBM systems with diameters ranging from 12-inches up to 96-inches. ISEKI offers complete engineered solutions to its clients by performing detailed reviews of the anticipated ground conditions and project constraints while providing the most efficient and appropriate MTBM system for your installation. These kits come complete with required ancillary equipment and the most experienced MTBM operators and managers in the industry to oversee everything from mobilization to project completion. No matter what your companies microtunneling experience level is, KUE and ISEKI's team of experts will do everything possible to provide a successful installation. ISEKI has produced over 3,000 microtunneling machines over the past 40 years and has installed more than 100 Km of pipe in 27 countries worldwide. Please contact Kilduff Underground Engineering for a quotation on your next North American microtunneling project. For more information click here.

Delta Civil Engineering Co. Ltd.

Delta Civil Engineering has been in the Trenchless industry for over 35 years and owns several laser guided, fully steerable single pass RVS Auger Microtunneling Systems. The RVS is highly compatible with projects in North America that are currently serviced by conventional auger boring systems, with the added value of increased operational capabilities (drive lengths up to 500-ft & ground conditions from sand thro silt to clay with up to 6-ft heads of water) and higher installation accuracies equivalent to slurry MTBMs.

In direct comparison with slurry technologies, the RVS offers benefits of dry muck handling, smaller shaft compounds, an on board pipe handling gantry crane (to DN 700), reduced crew size, reduced generator size, lower transport costs and a smaller carbon footprint. In summary, the RVS can be an optimum solution for cohesive and most low water bearing grounds.

In partnership with KUE, the equipment is offered on operated hire and 2nd hand sales terms for the single pass and direct installation of Clay / RCP Jacking Pipes (DN 450, 600, 700 & 900 mm) and Steel Casings (24, 30, 36 & 42-inch). For more information click here.

Delta Civil Engineering

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