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Construction Support Services

Pre-Bid Consultation

Contract Management

Specification Preparation

CPM Scheduling

Cost Estimation

Submittal Preparation

Value Engineering Proposals

Claims Support

Geotechnical & Underground 

Design Services

Vibration Analysis

Geotechnical Design Reports

Geotech. Design Data & Baseline Reports

Geotechnical Interpretive Reports​

Support of Excavation (SOE) Design

Trenchless Design Technologies

Tunnel Excavation Support Design

Pipe Jacking Analysis and Design

Dewatering Analysis and Design

Slope Stability Analysis (Soil & Rock)

Ground Stabilization Design (Soil & Rock)

Settlement Analysis

Seismic & Liquefaction Analysis

Foundation Design (Deep & Shallow)

Grouting and Ground Improvement

Field Services

Construction Inspection

Subsurface Explorations

Soil/Rock Testing

Permeability Testing

Soil and Rock Anchor Pull Testing

Vibration Monitoring


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